Thursday, 3 October 2013

Diesel Powered Air Compressors for Power and Flexibility

Air compressors are a very common piece of equipment found in residential as well as commercial garages. They convert electrical power, gas or diesel into kinetic energy. It pressurizes and compresses the air. The machine will then release the air in quick bursts. The diesel powered air compressor is one of the most popular types of compressors. They are great for any job but perform very well on heavy duty projects. Because they do not have cords or require electricity there is no limit to the locations and jobs they can be used for.

Contractors love the towable diesel powered air compressor. Towable compressors are mounted on wheels and have a tow hitch that makes them simple to hook up and move to the necessary location. An example of a towable diesel is the LeRoi Portable Compressor 185 CFM Diesel. It operates at 100 psi at 2250 rpm's with a tank capacity of 32 gallons. The abbreviations help to determine the rating. CFM represents cubic feet per minute. That's the amount of air the compressor takes in per minute. The higher the CFM the faster and more powerful the unit is. The psi is the pounds per square inch. The psi is a factor in the CFM.

The tank capacity is the number of gallons that the tank can hold. The larger the tank the higher the pressure can be maintained. Another abbreviation associated with a diesel powered air compressor is the horsepower. You will see small compressors such as the Champion VR5-8 with a horsepower as low as 5 up to models made by companies such as Sanborn/Coleman that can run into the hundreds range. This all depends on what the compressor is being used for. It is important to remember that more horsepower does not mean more air, horsepower is all about power.

Proper maintenance is an important aspect to keep your diesel powered air compressor in top notch condition. Whether your generator is small for home use or the best selling tractor PTO compressor in the world, it is critical to keep it well tuned up. Something as simple as loose screws can cause expensive repairs. Basic maintenance includes things such as oil levels, belt tension, blow out coolers, air leak detection, electrical connections, condenser and oil and filter changes. With simple preventive and routine care your compressor will last for years.


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